I have learned to appreciate the balance between habit and adventure.  I need my day to begin with ritual and a very strong cup of coffee.  I am always the first one up, quietly padding downstairs, pushing the “on” button of the already prepared coffee maker, the cat greeting me with a muted meow.  The […]

I was never a fan of scary rides but I looked forward to my summertime visits to Elitch Gardens.  It was not your average amusement park.  Founded in the 1890’s they prided themselves on the beauty of their flowers as much as the variety of games and rides.  Nobu and I went every summer from […]

1986 Nobu lost his job when the company he worked for closed, another victim of the failing oil and gas industry of the 80’s.  We needed money for Christmas so I took a job as an on-call banquet waitress at a nice hotel. There were many challenges re-entering the work force after years of staying […]

I particularly enjoy the holidays where the expectations are straightforward and easy to to fulfill. On the 4th of July I know what to eat (anything barbecued, especially hot dogs and hamburgers) what to have for entertainment (fireworks!), what to wear, even how to feel–patriotic. It really is a great day to be an American. […]

During the summer I reminisce about  growing up on Long Island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  Mom would keep the radio on and position us near the lifeguard when we were at the beach, knowing that nature can be unpredictable and unruly.  I helped keep vigil. Last week a friend asked how I was doing.  […]

Thanksgiving Andrew and I were having another one of our rational discussions.  It had spanned days. “I swear to God, if you get that cat you can’t come home for Thanksgiving.  Both your brothers are allergic to them.  Anyway, you’re a college student living in a studio apartment.  How are you going to take care […]

I found a recipe for a strawberry shortcake about 1986.  It became known as Nobu’s Birthday Cake. In the beginning it was good, but a little lopsided. Some years it became droopy while waiting for the guests to arrive. I don’t know what Nobu liked more.  The cake or being surrounded by family. Soon everyone […]