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Which Version Am I Today?

“Yes.  Sure.  Okay.  Talk to you later.” I hang up the phone.  If someone who didn’t know me had overheard this conversation, they would think I’m not a very nice person.  Heck, I did know me and didn’t think I’d been a very nice person. My sister and I had been rehashing the same irritations […]

Do You Think I’m Funny?

“I’m sorry, I can’t pick you up Tuesday.  I’m having coffee with a friend.” “Which friend?” Andrew asked. “Jessie.” “Who’s Jessie?” “She’s the person I met at the workshop and laughed out loud at my jokes,” I reminded him. “Oh yeah, that’s right.  Have fun.” “Anyway, Andrew, why do you need a ride?” “I’m dropping […]

Dear Friends

I have been away for a while, writing my book. It is finished (!) and I am back now. I hope you enjoy today’s blog. Alice  


“Alice, remember the time my three nephews stayed at our house and I took them up skiing?” “No, I don’t.” “Sure you do.  I cooked hot dogs on the grill and we all laughed when I went out on the patio with my winter jacket and gloves.” “That does sound funny.” “Remember now?” “Nope.” There […]

Just Around the Corner

1969 The wooden door was massive, suitable for a castle.  It could have been surrounded by an alligator-infested moat, inhabited by fairies and trolls, princes and princesses.  The heavy iron knocker, lifted by many weary travelers seeking refuge, beckoned. Instead, Pat rang the doorbell. I might not be living out a tale from the Brothers […]

Shopping at Costco

Andrew was visiting us at the house.  He asked, as he was getting his coat on, “What are you and Dad doing for the rest of the day?” “We’re going to Costco.” “You’re kidding, right?  Mom, there are certain things couples my age know not to do.  For instance, I’d never take my girlfriend to […]

Mothers & Daughters

Martha and I have been friends since 1985.  Sometime around 2005 we made a commitment that when our sons were grown and we retired we would form our own bowling league and meet weekly.  Which we did. It is still great fun. Today the place is packed.  The schools are on winter break and we […]