Mum Life Stories

Very exciting news! One of my blogs has been published in Mum Life Stories

I particularly like the part that says, “Alice Horibe of the US.”
The story is Waving Goodbye, from July 29, 2013.
Thank you to Jo Caddy and Mum Life Stories!


  1. chrishudson83 · · Reply

    I love this story! Children always look to see if mom is watching no matter what age they are. 

  2. Linda G. Davis, MSW, LCSW · · Reply

    Hurray for Alice! How exciting! Congratulations. Hope all is well,Linda Linda G. Davis, MSW, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist Licensed Clinical Social Worker Panorama Place9137 E. Mineral CircleSuite 240Centennial, CO 80112303-480-8864 (Voice Mail only/not able to receive texts)FAX 303-771-4257

  3. Wally Booth · · Reply

    Quite enjoyable and reminded me of both my youth and adulthood.

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Jerry Antosh · · Reply

    Alice’s stories are finally getting the international attention
    I always knew they would. And now they have. I anxiously
    await her next installment.

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