A Soulful Gaze

The local news is showing the public service announcement from the Humane Society featuring dogs, cats and horses seeking a home.  I avert my eyes.  The same way I do when there is something too violent, too disturbing or too risqué.

I am not sure why.

Then my naughty little cat sits next to me on the sofa and utters an imperious “meow.”

Clearly, I am being given orders.  Is it to give him a treat from the pantry?  Let him out?  Both?

I look more keenly at him.  I realize why I find it so disquieting when an animal is in anguish.

Their soul is right there, floating on the surface of their eyes, for anyone to see.

I try an experiment.  I stare intently into the eyes of my son and I see a good character, intelligence and kindness but his soul is well-hidden.

I pick up my naughty little cat (against his express wishes) and there, so close I can feel it, is his soul.

Try gazing into the eyes of your pet, your neighbor’s dog, the elephants at the zoo.  Perhaps you will see it too, their essence, calling to you.

It seems brave of them but maybe they don’t have a choice.


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  1. I like your stories, Alice.

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