Mother’s Day Wish 2013

Almost invisible white line in road

Almost invisible white line in road

Nobu terrified me the first time we drove over Trail Ridge Road, a particularly hazardous road between two mountains.  He was looking this way and that, the car coming perilously close to the sheer drop on either side.  There aren’t any rails because the county discovered that if there were, the car that was out of control would bounce off oncoming traffic.  This way, only one car and it’s occupants would plunge down the cliff.  I tersely asked him to keep his eyes on the road, explaining the only thing standing between us and eternity was a barely visible white line painted by some road crew guy.  We made it to Aspen and from then on we took the long way around.  I was never that afraid again.  Until I had children.

 From the moment they were born, taking their first steps, crossing the street to visit a friend, I saw danger lurking around every bend.

 This fear reached a feverous pitch when each boy got their driver’s license. The first time Neil drove off alone I realized that’s why middle aged women go to church.  There comes a time when all a mother can do is pray.

More to sooth my nerves than their’s I repeated my new mantra. “If it’s a matter of having fun or being safe, be safe.  You can always have fun later.”  To which they would always reply, “Yes, Mom”, then go off to do whatever it was they’d planned on all along.

 Today Neil is on the ocean, Evan is on a plane and Andrew is in a car.

I am sure they will all be fine.  

 My wish to everyone who is a mother or has one is:

Keep your eyes on the road, turn down the radio and don’t exceed the speed limit. 

You can always have fun later.




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