Alice vs The Smartphone

I needed to wash my car and checked the forecast daily for almost a week.  Finally, five days of sunshine!

Sunday morning, I drove ten miles, went through the carwash, buffed, vacuumed and shined the mirrors.  My Subaru looked great.

Somewhere between the carwash and home my smartphone changed it’s mind.

Snow on Monday.

I decided a clean car was more important than my obligations.  My car would stay safe in the garage.  I postponed my errands till later in the week.

Monday morning my phone told me it was snowing.

8 am

8 am

I looked out the front door and was greeted by this sunny picture.

8:05 am

8:05 am


I figured I was smarter than my smartphone and left the house.

This is what it looked like when I got to the parking lot.



In the end, a win for The Phone.




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