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“Vision without execution is hallucination.” –Thomas Edison I was having a glass of wine with some friends, talking about the book I’m writing. I told them what I have planned for the prologue, and described the story that will be the conclusion. They said, “You’re done?” “No”, I replied, “I can picture the finished project, […]

Evan Is A Good Sport

Evan was a great little soccer player, eager to learn new moves, willing to run the length of the field, ready to shoot the ball whenever he found the opportunity. After a few years he asked if he could join his friends and try out for the competitive league. It meant more time and money […]

I Love You, Bro

1988 I was 36 and pregnant with my third child, as excited and nervous as I’d been in my 20’s. Neil was nine and had being a big brother down pat.  I was worried about Evan, though. He would barely be four when the baby came and I wanted the addition of another Horibe to […]

Alice vs The Smartphone

I needed to wash my car and checked the forecast daily for almost a week.  Finally, five days of sunshine! Sunday morning, I drove ten miles, went through the carwash, buffed, vacuumed and shined the mirrors.  My Subaru looked great. Somewhere between the carwash and home my smartphone changed it’s mind. Snow on Monday. I […]