Monthly Archives: February 2013

Bumper Cars

We ride the merry-go-round twice.  The ornate pipes from the organ make even the most ordinary songs entrancing.  The white horse is beautiful with its flowing mane. I run to the black stallion and feel brave atop such a handsome steed. My short hair streams in the wind, the smell of popcorn and cotton candy […]

Lessons from the toy aisle

It’s 1984.  I’m in the toy aisle at Target with my young son.  It’s a special occasion and I tell him to pick out anything he wants as long as it’s less than five dollars. It is 3:30 and I still need to make dinner. Even at five years old, Neil is not one to […]

A Valentine, Part 2

Autumn was in the air.  The mornings were cold, the days still hot. Change was around the corner. It was a Wednesday the same as any other Wednesday.  I entered the now familiar bar and was startled by an unfamiliar face. A new bartender. He was much closer to my age than most of the […]

A Valentine, Part 1

1975 and I gorge on the buffet of possibilities girls my age can choose from. I had left home at 17 to attend college in Colorado.  I tried to move back to my mother’s home in St. Louis but I yearned for a place of my own in a city of my choice. I return […]