Why the World is Universally Afraid of Middle-aged Women

Celebrating 60

60 is something to celebrate

I was taking care of the plants at a downtown hotel and noticed a ruckus at the taxi stand.  A large burly driver was being chased.  Frightened, he hopped into his cab, rolled up his windows and sped off.  I looked at the object of his terror and saw a grizzled petite woman still cussing and shaking her fists.

I asked the doorman what was going on.  He sighed and said that this whirling dervish of rage had taken offense at the way the fellow was talking to her exceedingly attractive daughter.

I had my first inkling then that there was little on earth more terrifying than a really angry middle-aged woman.  As women get older we have fewer and fewer illusions. We view our appearance with a realistic eye and understand that we can’t manipulate a situation by being coquettish so we rely on our wits and our wisdom.

We know life is precious but don’t expect it to be fair.

This self-sufficiency is liberating! If we-or our loved ones-are threatened we no longer have to worry about what we might look like or what others might think of us. We are unencumbered by such concerns leaving us to react with unconstrained fury. I find this to be a very satisfying time of life.


  1. Maria Melendez · · Reply

    What a great, positive view! Aging as liberation and increased self-sufficiency. Such good tonic for the self pity I’m tempted to indulge when pondering an agregation of wrinkles. 😉

  2. Lissa Kampars · · Reply

    Me too!!!

  3. Sabrina Giordano · · Reply

    I hear ya sister!!!

  4. Martha Antosh · · Reply

    Alice I love your picture!, Now we readers can put a face to the Author of
    such wonderful short stories.

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