Monthly Archives: January 2013

Someone Special

Someone Special   I anxiously sift through the sea of humanity coming in waves, peering for that one special face. I was still trying to adjust to the new security procedures at Denver International Airport.  It was easier when I could wait at the gate, passengers dribbling through the door, recognizing  my loved ones before […]

A Heavy Burden

“Alice, you’re your own worst enemy.” “But Mom, they’re all smarter than me.” “You think too much.” “What else am I supposed to do?  Doesn’t everyone think all the time?” “Not as much as you, honey.” “Well, I’m still not going to try out for the debate team.” “All your friends will be there.  You […]

Why the World is Universally Afraid of Middle-aged Women

I was taking care of the plants at a downtown hotel and noticed a ruckus at the taxi stand.  A large burly driver was being chased.  Frightened, he hopped into his cab, rolled up his windows and sped off.  I looked at the object of his terror and saw a grizzled petite woman still cussing […]

I Will Do My Best

Samsonite view of parenthood When my oldest son was born, I envisioned the life long opportunity to mold the perfect member of society. He soon taught me the error of this vision. My son was more like an intergalactic traveler landing here on earth with suitcases in each hand and an ipod around his neck. […]