Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Christmas Tale: Evan

Evan the man is just about perfect.  Independent.  Self-assured.  Moral.  A loving son and a loyal friend.  A little bit impatient. Evan the 7 year old was a constant challenge. Independent and self-assured to the point that he found listening to his parents unnecessary, hot headed, argumentative, loving and very, very impatient. He was moral, […]

Going Away From Home

I had always been an unashamed homebody.  When I was ten my aunt and uncle invited me to stay at their house for the weekend.  I was thrilled to be singled out for this honor. My mother was pleased that her quiet child was receiving such special attention.  I left grinning from ear to ear, caught […]

Strawberry Fields

My mother’s best friend, Mrs. Ballis, grew up on a farm in Kentucky.  Both women had daughters, quick minds, ready wit, a solid work ethic.  And they were particular about their produce.  During the summer they drove to the “pick your own strawberry fields” to stock up for the season. 1959 Today is perfect weather […]