I feel so specialThe star said to the snowflake,Each one a treasure. Every child has a box that they open in third grade.  Imagine all the boys and girls sitting at their desk with the package in front of them.  Miss Landers tells the children that sometimes, as with her, parents have a hint what […]

Carried on the WindTrees softly whisperedBirds laughed and cackled loudlyGossip travels fast Mary Sue shifted her eyes away from the candy dish on the hostess stand and smiled indulgently at the girl as she followed her to the table in the back.  Mary Sue remembered what it was like to have those first job jitters, […]

The clouds move sloooowly The bunnies scamper so fast. Both care-less of time.             I remember when the coffee shop where I worked introduced those cute cards customers could use instead of money.  I learned how to activate, add funds and deduct the cost of purchases.             Amazing.             All of us, employees and patrons, […]

Koji Bear Koji Bear is here! Birds are singing.  So am I. Welcome Koji Bear.   Pandemic I am still inside. The sun says come out and play. NO, I REPLY.  no.   MAD I am really mad. The sun shines happily. My mood could care less.   Pandemic #2 I hate my phone. I […]

Very exciting news! One of my blogs has been published in Mum Life Stories https://mumlifestories.com I particularly like the part that says, “Alice Horibe of the US.”The story is Waving Goodbye, from July 29, 2013.Thank you to Jo Caddy and Mum Life Stories!

I hold my grandson, one day old, so new to the world. He is perfect. I breathe him in. Koji smells of fresh life, soap and…. clove? I smile at baby’s face. I imagine my grandmother here in the room with me, leaning over my shoulder to see Koji better. She loved babies. I only […]

Evan the man is just about perfect.  Independent.  Self-assured.  Moral.  A loving son and a loyal friend.  A little bit impatient. Evan the 7 year old was a constant challenge. Independent and self-assured to the point that he found listening to his parents unnecessary, hot headed, argumentative, loving and very, very impatient. He was moral, […]

My boy picks up his coffee cup, wiping the smudges off the table in the cafe with his napkin. “Bye, Mom.  I’ll see you in a couple weeks.” “Hey, before you go let me get you a cookie to celebrate your new job.” “Mom,” he sighs, “You know we are on a low carb, no […]

The local news is showing the public service announcement from the Humane Society featuring dogs, cats and horses seeking a home.  I avert my eyes.  The same way I do when there is something too violent, too disturbing or too risqué. I am not sure why. Then my naughty little cat sits next to me […]

“I particularly dislike compliments that are basically insults,” I said. It was too noisy and I wasn’t heard. The wine bar had flung all the doors open, the fresh summer air mingling with soft brie and salty crackers, the sun warming our flights of red wine to just the right temperature, alcohol and laughter making […]